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Members are encouraged to enter competitions as it is an excellent method of learning through the experience.  There is no requirement on members to take part in Club competitions, or any competition for that matter, and entry to competitions is totally voluntary.  There is no charge to enter competitions but there will be the usual associated costs of paper, ink, etc.

The Club normally holds 6 competitions per year and usually has 3 print and 3 digital competitions.  Three competitions are usually judged by external judges and 3 are usually judged internally by the Club Members themselves.  This split may change from year to year depending on the availability of external judges and the topics selected.

The scores awarded contribute towards the Club’s “Photographer of the Year” Trophy.  This being the Club Member with the highest number of points awarded for their submittals in various competitions held over the year. 

Other trophies are awarded for  

1.    best individual Colour print

2.    best Monochrome print

3.    Portfolio competition

4.    best Projected Image of the year

5.    Natural History (Jeff Watson Trophy).

Best Colour Print, Monochrome Print, and Projected Image will be decided by a vote off between the highest scoring entries from each competition. 

Entries may be submitted in colour or monochrome, (except for the Monochrome competition), any size up to A3, (except for the Portfolio Competition) and must not have been entered in a previous Cromarty Camera Club competition.

Topics for the competitions are decided by the Club Committee during summer recess each year but it is usual for the following to be in the competition list:

1.    Monochrome

2.    Natural History

3.    Portfolio.

Each member can submit up to 3 entries for each competition, apart from the Portfolio competition when each member is restricted to one submission of 4 images.

Entries must be submitted by the “hand-in” date and time, either shown on the Club programme or as intimated at the weekly club meetings by the Chairman.  Entries received after this time may not be accepted.

Entries need not be submitted in “normal” A4 or A3 format, they can be submitted as letterbox type images as long as the maximum allowable sizes for A4 and A3 image sizes are not exceeded or the maximum mount sizes for A4 and A3 images are not exceeded.

The Club and its officers/members will ensure, as far as possible, the safe handling and storage of members’ images during the competition and judging process.  However, due to the fact that, in competitions the entries will be transported and handled as part of the competition process there may inevitably be some minor damage to images and/or mounts.  Entrants should be aware of this.

All entries shall be returned to their authors as soon as possible after the judging process.


Club competitions are open to Cromarty Camera Club members only.  Entrants to competitions must be fully paid-up members of Cromarty Camera Club.  If the entrant is a ‘member’ of the Club but has not yet paid the current year’s membership fees, they will not be eligible to enter the competition.  Such ‘members’ are able to take part in the scoring/judging of internally judged competitions but their scores will not be used in the judging process.  This is permitted only as a training exercise for the individual. 

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